Tuesday, November 13, 2012

One More Review: Magic Hour Part 2

Haven's been renewed for a fourth season by Syfy! Sound the church bells! Throw a party! Rejoice! If cliffhangers like last week's are any indication of how the season will end (and it probably will because Haven loves a cliffhanger season finale) this is going to be a huge comfort in a few weeks' time.

For now, we've returned to Haven and Nathan's lifeless corpse and Audrey and Duke freaking out. The Troubled Bolt Gun Killer aka Tommy starts lying about Noelle shooting him and then running away. Audrey calls him on that making no sense, thankfully, and takes off after him because seriously, why would you shoot at the only person who can bring your dead friend/love interest back to life? No reason.

The hunt for the Troubled resurrectionists has a ticking clock and it's coupled with the fact that hey, they're running around with TTBGK. Of the many ways that TTBGK is revealed to be Tommy in this episode (and there are a few) one of the most emotionally powerful is the relay from Claudia Black's Moira to Audrey and from Audrey to Duke. Claudia Black's American accent is incredibly sketchy in the episode but she's a good enough actress that I found it hard to care. She was desperate but honest and Audrey has always handled herself masterfully as she contacted Duke. Duke then stole the show dealing one on one with Tommy with the help of an axe. How can you not love Duke Crocker with an axe?

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